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New Life Christian Reformed Church has begun a search for its next Lead Pastor.  New Life is a numerically small but healthy congregation that includes a highly dedicated group of believers deeply committed to a shared future of effective ministry. Members comes from a variety of religious backgrounds but together now share a commitment to the Lordship of Christ, the centrality of Scripture, and a Reformed expression of the Christian faith. The ministry of New Life is supported by a generous congregation, a functional facility, and
sufficient acreage for its ministry.


Over the past decade, New Life has planted over a dozen congregations. It has established New Life Community Christian School, a dynamic school that provides an excellent educational experience for children ages 6 weeks
through PK4, accompanied by before and after school and summer programs for school aged children. New Life is also a co-founder of the Old Town Spring Heights Community Association, six churches working together to impact Old Town Spring Heights for Christ. The Association has quarterly community worship services, multiple annual events, and monthly assembly meetings with residents of the community.

While many are approaching retirement age or are retired, the congregation has both the desire and the energy to make a difference for Christ in Spring, TX and beyond. They believe the time is right for a renewed commitment to become better disciples who are passionate about God’s Word and longing to lead others into stronger relationships with the Lord.

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