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God calls us to join Him in mission by serving people around us, proclaiming and living out the good news of Jesus. We serve in various ways with individual, group, and church-wide projects.

We serve our community in different ways, but at the end of the day, it’s all about serving on God’s mission, not our own. It’s not about what we want, it’s about what God wants. We follow Jesus who said He did not come to be served, but to serve.

We reach out to people with loving acts of service bearing witness to Jesus and His kingdom. This happens through regular service opportunities, such as our partnership with the Old Town Spring Heights Community Association, and desire to be the tangible expression of God’s kingdom in this neighborhood. We also partner with other ministries in our community. This also happens through irregular service opportunities—random acts of kindness, BBQ with our neighbors, service projects, missions trips, church wide-initiatives, etc. Our school is also a big part of how we bless families in our community.


Our goal is to grow and reproduce disciples of Jesus who are radically obedient and following Him on mission together. We serve so we can bring about shalom and restored wholeness. We pray for God to help us realize our vision of a community where people see beyond themselves so every home, neighborhood, school, and workplace is experiencing New Life in Christ.

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