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Behind the Scenes

At New Life Church, ministry behind the scenes is a crucial, yet, often overlooked area of ministry. The following Behind the Scenes Ministry service opportunities are available:

  • Prayer Team

  • Facilities Team

  • Hospitality Team

  • Small Group Leaders

  • Leadership (e.g. Council, Staff)

Behind the Scenes Ministry

Children's Ministry

At New Life Church, ministry to children is an integral part of our Sunday worship and our day to day ministry through New Life Christian Community School. Opportunities for service are available for Sunday morning Children’s Church as a teacher or assistant:

  • Sprouts (Birth through 3 years old)

  • Saplings (pre-K thru 5th grade)

  • Hall Monitors (Ensure safety)

Children's Ministry

Prayer Ministry

God promises us that whatever we ask the Father in His Name, He may give it to us (John 15:16).

What does prayer mean in the church as a ministry?

We have given ourselves to God in regular prayer to seek God's will together and to seek the face of God. We wait on God, watch and pray against the devices of the adversary, and intercede as necessary on behalf of the people who request it. Sometimes, we fast and pray when the Holy Spirit recommends it. Since prayer is a way of life for us, we strive to integrate prayer into every ministry of the church and lift up church wide requests every week.

Prayer Ministry

Worship Ministry

At New Life Church, our music and arts ministry is an integral part of worship. Through music, prayer, visual arts and technical support, we serve together to help people worship God in spirit and in truth.

The following service opportunities are available to serve through music and art:

  • Praise Team – Vocalists & Music

  • Production Team – Audio & Visual

  • Prayer Team – Congregational Prayer

Worship Ministry

School Ministry

Opportunities to serve and spread God's love are also available at our school.  Please contact our school office for more information: (281) 288-7744

Youth Ministry

At New Life Church, ministry to young people is an integral part of our church life. The following service opportunities are available to serve with our youth on Wednesday night:

  • Small Group Leader

  • Catechism Teacher

  • Snack Provider

  • Youth Mentor

  • Youth Missions Team

God has been gracious to each one of us, calling us to gratefully live for him. He has also given each of us gifts and strengths to use in ministry. Paul describes the church as a body with each part interdependent of the other (1 Corinthians 12). Peter tells us that when we serve using our gifts we are administering God’s grace in its various forms (1 Peter 4:10). Jesus promises us the Holy Spirit and said that he has called us for the purposes of bearing lasting fruit (John 15:16).


Some of the ways we serve in the church is through common service (e.g. groups taking turns with Celebration Sunday lunch). Sometimes we do this as individuals in ways that no one knows about (Matthew 6:3). Some of the service we do is with others in various ministry teams or large group events. Regardless of how we serve, we are always so to bring glory to God.

Check out the opportunities for service below and see if God is calling you to step up and use your gifts in the church.

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