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Pastor Krishna is hard at work in Nepal, and even though he is on the other side of the world, New Life Church is blessed to be a part of his ministry.  Aside from his pastoral duties and the services he performs as a servant of Christ, Pastor Krishna has proven to be an extraordinary evangelist in a country where our Lord was previously unknown.  Every email and letter tells of new conversions, baptisms, and a veritable flood of new believers.  His accounts and descriptions remind us of Luke’s writings in Acts, of the body of believers as it emerged in the weeks and months after the resurrection.

What a blessing for us at New Life to be a part of this!  How often in your life have you had or will you have such an impact on the conversion of so many?  This truly is the birth of the church in a nation, and we at New Life have the wonderful exciting opportunity to directly participate in this harvest.


If you were to read Pastor Krishna’s correspondence, you would note that he very seldom asks for financial assistance and that his primary need is our prayers.  However, financial assistance is a reality in this growing ministry. A few years ago when Pastor John visited Nepal he reported on the need for a church building in Ghorka, the rural village area where Pastor Krishna grew up. Recently Pastor Andy and Randy Wester visited Nepal and saw the New Life Church in Ghorka that had been completed. Pastor Krisha said this was in large part due to the generous giving of everyone here in New Life Church in Spring!


Pastor Andy and Randy were able to see many other areas of the country during their visit in the spring of 2011. They preached at two churches in Kathmandu, visited two churches in the country, spoke at an evangelistic rally to four hundred to five hundred people who had never heard the gospel, and taught at a pastors’ conference and at their new Bible Training Center. If you would like to see the slide show from this trip, please click here.


One of the pressing financial needs facing Pastor Krisha is for a new Bible Training Center. The existing facility is a rental property in Kathmandu without proper water and with complaining neighbors. They have already started building a new Bible Training Center on the outskirts of town and have the first floor complete. If you would like to help towards the completion of this facility and help Pastor Krishna grow his church, please contact us.


In addition to starting his church in Kathmandu and daughtering seven other churches in Nepal, Pastor Krishna and his wife have formed an orphanage organization, “Nepal Children’s Welfare Association.” God has enabled them to adopt over thirty children of various ages from the streets of Nepal and enabled the Pariyars to foster these children in the ways of Christ with all the love of Jesus.  Please pray with Pastor Krishna and his wife as they face the adversities of parenthood with courage and strength as they guide these children into God’s kingdom.


Click on these website links for more information about these organizations.

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