We are privileged to partner with some amazing ministries who are working to bring the kingdom of God here in our community. None of us can do this alone, but when we work together with brothers and sisters from different denominations and different backgrounds, God begins to heal our community and move in mighty ways as we follow Jesus on mission together.


New Life Church is privileged to partner with Dr. Mike Johnson and the staff of Ascending Leaders. Mike did his residency with New Life back in the 1980s and was sent out by New Life as a church planter. Mike and his wife Gina pastored Community Life Church in Missouri City for many years before hearing God’s call to work full time in the area of spiritual formation, discipleship and leader development. Today Ascending Leaders helps churches, disciples and leaders flourish through coaching, teaching and resourcing.

Ascending Leaders


Home of Hope Texas  provides a place of refuge and safety for adolescent victims of human trafficking. They seek  to provide long term care, rehabilitation, and healing for victims of modern-day-slavery and sexual abuse so that these children regain value and self worth; re-enter our society with their head held high and live successful, productive lives. If possible, children are reunited with their family or placed into loving family environments, where they will receive the love and support they need for the rest of their lives.

We view our partnership with Home of Hope as one way of fulfilling God’s call to stand up for the oppressed.  Over and over in Scripture we hear God’s heart for the marginalized and victimized; we cannot ignore the reality our city of Houston has one of the highest rates of sex-trafficking in our nation. Working together with Home of Hope, we seek justice and freedom for those who are exploited through modern-day slavery.

Home of Hope


Marriage Revolution exists to turn love around! Hans and Star Molegraaf both grew up in Spring, Texas and after many years working for Family Life ministries in Little Rock, Arkansas, returned to Spring to provide affordable and Christ-centered marriage coaching for couples struggling in their relationships.

New Life Church is privileged to support Marriage Revolution. Pray for Hans and Star and the many couples that receive hope in Jesus Christ.

Marriage Revolution


We are grateful for Faithwalking who has come along side us over the years to equip us to live the fully human, fully alive, missional life. Faithwalking is a spiritual formation process where people are increasingly following the way of Jesus, experiencing ongoing transformation, and developing effective practices for missional living: serving the poor, the marginalized, and those in need; working for the common good; and restoring individuals, social systems, communities, and nations to God’s intended design. At New Life we encourage people who are ready to take a 101 and then a 201 course to get going on their journey of personal transformation. 301 is a follow up course that gives further training for how to pursue community transformation. 202 provides more in-depth training for leaders.



Home Place of Texas is a non-denominational Christian community in Spring, TX for adults with disabilities.  This ministry allows individuals to build relationships with God and others through worship, work, education, and recreation.

Home Place’s mission is to teach adults with disabilities that God loves them and has a plan for them. Programs are overseen by staff with excellence, expertise and experience in working with people with special needs.  New Life Church is privileged to partner with Home Place through regular events and joint outings. And we have a special place in our heart for Home Place because of the many families in our church with special needs children.

Home Place of Texas


New Life Adoptions  is a non-profit, Christian ministry to women in unintended pregnancies and a licensed adoption agency in Tomball that helps mothers who are at a crossroads with their pregnancy and need the support and guidance of a Christian organization to make life choices for their babies.  NLA provides people with many services including adoption, counseling and clinical services. New Life Church supports NLA both financially and with volunteers.

New Life Adoptions


New Life Church is part of the Old Town Spring Heights Community Association (OTSHCA), a group of five area churches which have come together to make an impact for Christ in the nearby community of Old Town Spring Heights.  We are different in ethnicity, culture and denomination but we all worship the same LORD and are blessed through relationships that are deepening as we serve together within the community of Old Town Spring Heights.

Transformation is happening in this small but important community!  Old Town Spring Heights was once known as the neighborhood “across the tracks” from Old Town Spring. Although rich in history, it was a neighborhood known as a drug infested death trap for Spring area teens.  By God’s grace we are beginning to see the elimination of crack and drug houses and crime is on a down turn.  Children who used to walk the streets uncared for, forgotten, and naked in the winter are now clothed and cared for.

And there are signs of renewal. Residents are coming together around a new learning center, working together in a community garden, celebrating new street lights and finding pride in having a cemetery that pre-dates the civil war receive recognition as a historical landmark.  But most importantly, people’s lives are being changed with the good news of Jesus Christ.  All of this culminates in worship together to give God glory for all that he has done. Praise God!

If you would like to be involved or see what God is doing right now in Old Town Spring Heights, check out the OTSHTF website.


Task Force Member Churches:

  • Church of the Living God – Pastor Barbara Linton

  • New Life Christian Reformed Church – Pastor Andy Sytsma

  • Spring Antioch Baptist Church – Pastor Eric Wilson

  • St. Paul United Methodist Church – Pastor Krejchi Hester

  • Truevine Missionary Baptist Church – Pastor Darrin Moore

  • Haven Community Church – Pastor Scott Hescht

Old Town Spring Heights Community Association

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