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Position: Bookkeeper
Phone: (281) 353-593

I was born in Canada and grew up in Illinois.  My mother, a two-time published author of Christian-based novels, was very active in her church and community on the South side of Chicago where I lived until I was twelve.  Her favorite hymn was What a Friend We Have in Jesus, and I grew up believing it. How fortunate I was to be so loved!  Sunday school, VBS, youth group, and summer camp for seven years (every summer, all summer!) are all cherished memories of time spent with Mom in Foster Park Baptist Church, Chicago.  My father and my grandfather, a Colonel, were both Salvation Army “soldiers”.  Dad was a self-taught man, (an engineer by trade), who loved games, his family, and kept a lifelong interest in the support of the social work done by the Salvation Army.  I have tried to appropriate the good things about their life into my own.  I love most  outreach ministries and through the years have served in a variety of activities through different Presbyterian congregations.


My husband, David, and I met at the University of Texas-Austin and have been married for thirty-nine years.  We are construction road warriors and have lived in states east to west, north to south.  We have two grown boys.  Our oldest, Josh, is married and lives in Round Rock.  He and his wife, Lauren, blessed us with a beautiful grandson, Zack, who is six.  Our youngest, Jason, is living with us right now attending the Art Institute of Houston delving into the challenges of the Game Art & Design program.


Being New Life’s bookkeeper has been a growing experience for me in so many ways.  I have met some wonderful, kind, caring, people — people who love our Lord and serve Him every day with integrity, love, creativity, and spirited dedication. I count my blessings that I work in their midst doing my small part.

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