Position: Youth Ministry Director
Phone: (214) 543-8029

Dr. Adrian Smith has been involved in youth/children’s ministry for over a decade, teaching all ages from grades K thru 12. He teaches 9th grade Literature & History at Providence Classical School in Spring.

Dr. Smith is a life-long learner, with a PhD in New Testament, a Th.M. in Old Testament, and a BSc in Mathematics. Teaching has been his vocation for over twenty years, because he loves to pass on his passion for learning to his students. He enjoys teaching Literature, because of his conviction that all great stories are allegories of the story of Jesus. He also enjoys  creative writing, as seen in his latest book, Searching for the Self: Classic Stories, Christian Scripture, and the Quest for Personal Identity (Wipf & Stock, 2018). He hopes students can find their true identity by indwelling God’s big story. Ordained as a minister of the gospel, Dr. Smith regularly preaches at his local church. He also loves to express his faith through the dramatic performance of Scripture.

Dr. Smith is married to Dawn, who is both the director of our pre-school and children's ministry director. They have two daughters. Emma, who is in college, and Avery, who filled them with joy when they were able to adopt her in 2016. 

For relaxation, Dr. Smith enjoys nature walks with his dog (Copper Penny), reading children’s literature, listening to classical music, going to the theater, and watching soccer (especially Chelsea FC). But his greatest delight is reading the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures. Outside of Scripture, his favorite book is probably the third volume of Dante’s Divine Comedy, because of its depiction of the contemplation of God as the supreme joy.

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