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Office Manager
Phone: (281) 353-5935

I grew up in Wheaton Illinois with my 5 siblings who are now spread over 5 states. Family is a high priority for all of us, and we stay connected with each other and our mom every day. As a child and young adult my mother and grandmother were my spiritual role models.  My mom was always very active in church activities and leadership and to this day prays for every member of the family faithfully.  And I’m always reminded of my grandma when I complain about the Houston weather, as she would always say, don’t complain about the weather, the maker is a friend of mine. 

I have attended Christian Reformed Churches all my life, beginning In Wheaton Illinois, then in Honolulu Hawaii, Big Rapids and Grand Rapids Michigan, Palo Alto and Visalia California, and now have been here at New Life since the summer of 1980. 

My husband John and I met at the CRC in Honolulu on Thanksgiving Day 1969, were engaged 10 days later, and married 6 months later.  He was in the navy and 3 of those months he was under water in a submarine!  Needless to say, we didn’t know each other very well when we got married but knew it was orchestrated by God, who has proven that over and over again through the last 52 years.  He has blessed us with 3 children. Our oldest son Hans is a marriage counselor and he and our daughter-in-law Star serve together in their ministry, Marriage Revolution.  They have blessed us with 6 grandchildren and a grandson-in-law.  Our son Brian was an accomplished chef. He left us recently to join family members in heaven.   Our daughter Erin and her husband Justin are grandparents themselves so have blessed us with a grandson, granddaughter-in-law and 2 beautiful great granddaughters.

I guess my “hobbies” are serving in various ministries.  I am active in the Old Town Spring Heights Community Association and serve on the New Life Preschool board.  My hobby for relaxing is reading, but my greatest joy and favorite thing to do is spending time with our kids and grandkids.

In all but one church we have belonged to I have worked as a volunteer or employee in the church office.  I volunteered and worked in the New Life office for many years long ago, and just this year (2022) came back as office manager.  I love the atmosphere and the people I get to serve with every day, both in the church and preschool.

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