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Throughout my family’s history, we have two pervasive callings, Religion and Military service. My mother’s family is full of missionaries, church plants, pastors, and servants that go back hundreds of years. My father’s family is full of military service members, also going back hundreds of years. Looking at our family tree is always exciting because we never know what we are going to uncover about ourselves! Throughout all this revelation one thing has been very constant, and that is that God has been and continues to be a strong presence in my life and that of my family.


My husband and I met while serving in the U.S. Navy. We were overseas in Jebel Ali awaiting our first ship, the USS Cape Cod, to make port so that we could join her. Little did we know that on that little compound where we met that it was to be the beginning of a twenty-five year adventure that is still going strong today. Following twenty years of faithful service to the U.S. Navy and four children, God brought us to Texas.


To be honest we had our heart set on Idaho, but God had other plans for us though and we excitedly embarked on our new adventure. We have been here in Texas since 2012 and God has been very good to us. We found a church home, made new friends, and have started on many new journeys as we travel through the different seasons that God has brought us in and out of. Looking ahead, I think often of what future generations might uncover about my family. It is my hope that one thing will stand out above all others, and that is that we were a family who loved and served our Lord Jesus Christ with all our heart, mind, body, soul, and strength.

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